Who are the Guardians?

In Ontario, there is a force of unlikely heroes, quietly working together in a quest to stop climate change - the biggest menace which threatens the health and safety of our planet.

This team of extraordinary local heroes has combined their knowledge and love of nature with their unique superpowers to promote climate change solutions. But they need your help.

Meet Newton

Clean energy advocate

Newton, a native Black Bear from Northern Ontario, is the leader and driving force behind this exceptional team. He is tech-savvy and promotes clean energy solutions for the good of the planet. His superpower allows him to draw on Ontario’s clean energy to power the team’s state-of-the-art technology. You can always rely on Newton to shine a light on the issue at-hand.

Meet Carey

Clean air preservation

Carey is a Cardinal from Southern Ontario.
His superpower is his ability to spot air pollution and clean it up by flapping his powerful wings. Carey is not afraid of anything and is always the early bird that gets the worm.

Meet Freddy

Clean water preservation

Freddy is a Leopard Frog from Central Ontario. He is full of energy and always wears his swim goggles and water wings (he never misses a chance to promote water safety). Freddy’s superpower is his ability to help manage floodwater and seek out water pollution, cleaning up any mess quickly and safely. Freddy is always ready to leap into action to help protect Ontario’s aquatic biodiversity.

Meet Tammy

Habitat conservation

Tammy is a Blanding’s Turtle from Eastern Ontario. Tammy’s superpower is her ability to quickly work to conserve, protect and restore habitats to protect all animal species and prevent harm or extinction. With the help of her tricked-out wheels, she can quickly get anywhere, anytime.

Meet Fiona

Plant & wildlife expert

A red fox from Western Ontario, Fiona loves to read and has a wealth of knowledge of all living species, big and small. Her superpower is her knowledge of all plants species and wildlife; she can spot trouble and quickly leap into action to treat, restore, and protect natural ecosystems. Slyly putting her talents to work, she can evade danger while carrying out her planet-saving missions.

Meet Naomi

Naomi is 7 years old and truly loves being outdoors. Always wearing her boots, she is ready to get dirty and explore nature at the drop of a hat. Her mission is to help the Guardians fight climate change. When Naomi grows up, she wants to be an Environmental Chemist.

Meet Carson

Carson is 6 years old and like Naomi, he is always up for a challenge and getting out in nature. His mission is to use his love of books and learn all he can to help the Guardians on their mission to combat climate change. When he grows up, he wants to be a Botanist.

Ready to tackle your first mission (and climate change)?

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